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Monday, March 22, 2010

Magical Botanical Gardens

It was my first time seeing the DC Botanical Gardens and, well, I'm in LOVE!  I walked in and was immediately surrounded by color, texture and inspiration.  Lots and LOTS of other photographers there - everyone trying to capture the beauty of the delicate plants maintained in the facility. 

We had to stay inside - it was a terribly rainy day - but my favorite soft, overcast light was illuminating the gardens perfectly.  One of my new favorite places.  No doubt I'll be back soon to check out what's going on outside the arboretum :)

A bunch of photos to follow... didn't have a pen on me so I couldn't take down notes, so I'm not sure of most of the plant names. 

VERY color happy here!!! We've got Green:
... I think the drab winter may have taken it's toll on me!

Check out the area to walk around above - so much exploring to do just on the inside of the arboretum!
I found these flowers to be absolutely beautiful. 
These little guys look like something out of a Dr. Seuss story.  So strangely magical.
The next two are the epitome of the word delicate, shot with the 100mm Macro lens:

They have a wonderful Orchid Exhibit taking place through the end of April. This was the main display - with orchids of all different types around these pools - topped off with a beautiful Chinese Dragon.  Awesome!

My friend Jackie saw the photos after I left the gardens and told me these flowers remind her of the 1951 Disney version of Alice in Wonderland.  One of my favorite movies!  I REALLY liked Tim Burton's but the 1951 version will always hold a special place in my heart.

This really takes me back

The next three photos were one of my favorite spots in the gardens. So pretty and picturesque - throw a happy engaged couple in there and you've got engagement session MAGIC!
More color and texture :)
I have a thing for repeating patterns... although, I've been told this is a little too much and can make you dizzy - be careful!
I didn't need a sign to tell me the name of this guy - Bird of paradise flowers are so COOL!
Go to the DC Botanical Gardens before the Orchid Exhibit is over! It really is an experience worth seeing. 

I hope everyone has been able to enjoy the wonderful weather we've had lately.  I was visiting Philadelphia this past weekend and we couldn't have asked for better walking conditions.  We were able to see SO much of the city!  Photos to come shortly... of course!


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  1. Glad you put Alice on here...it definitely had the feel of a wonderland!