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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Beginning...

Starting this blog has been a long time coming. By no means am I a great writer, and I have always wondered if I would have enough to say to even start a blog. I ended up giving up on the idea years ago; deciding I probably wouldn't have enough to write about. In the past few months, however, I set some goals. Rather high goals in fact. I decided I want to start my own photography business. *Gasp*

For as long as I can remember I have always loved photography. It has been a hobby and passion of mine since grade school. I remember changing the film in my hot pink 101 mm camera during recess at Rockledge Elementary. It looked something like
this. Ahh, beautiful pink plastic. I loved that camera. In fact, I recently dug up some of the photos I took using it, and they really brought back some memories! I ended up posting some of them online to share with others. I enjoy hearing people's reactions to seeing photos from over 10 years ago. Sharing these moments with others is one of the things I truly love about photography. Really, that's only part of it, capturing the moments is the really fun part. I could go on and on about how much I love photography, but I won't put you through that now, I will save that for future posts...

About 1 year ago I purchased my first DSLR. It has been glued to my hip ever since. My boyfriend, Reggie, calls it my second boyfriend (and my many lenses have been labeled our babies). One day, maybe 4 months ago, I had an epiphany. Why not turn my love and passion into a career? A true ah-ha moment, everything changed.

Once I decided I wanted to start a business it kept me up at night. How do I go about this? What are the initial steps I need to take? I was very overwhelmed. I spoke with everyone that was close to me about this idea, and had helpful hints from almost everyone. Some just thought I was crazy. I ended up speaking with a friend of mine at work, Jillian. She is a big time
blogger as well as a mini Martha Stuart. I mean this girl has some amazing attention to detail and she continues to wow me with her clean and creative projects. She suggested that until I can start a website I should start a blog for my business. Something I had considered quite a while ago but blew off because I had nothing to write about... well now I do!

Months later, here we are. I am very excited to be starting this blog to track my work and progress. I know I am at the very beginning of a wonderful journey and I'm enjoying every moment of it.


  1. Way to go Heather! I'm going to follow you every step of the way =)

  2. I heart the internet. And I heart it more when my friends are on it!

  3. YEAH! That's super exciting and the best of luck to you. Don't forget you have to take my engagement pictures!! (in like 20 eayrs :) )

  4. so stupid...I meant YEARS. Maybe I should proofread first!

  5. Ok, I'm ready for your next entry...What next? : )

  6. Teresa TillmanMay 14, 2009

    Its amazing what beauty can happen when we set goals. I'm very happy to see your work, my talented niece! Love you!

  7. Thank you everyone for your support! :)

  8. And us CLIENTS are so happy you did