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Friday, November 6, 2009

Halloween Weekend Goodies

You know, I really enjoy Halloween. Getting to dress up and be a kid all over again... it just SO entertaining (yes, I'm very in touch with my inner child, my last... what... 3 posts have mentioned this?)!

It was by pure chance that my friend Jackie and I both dressed as pirates.  On purpose, we decided we wouldn't tell each other what we were going to be.  The anticipation was building... I really wanted to know... she is always so creative with her outfits.  Always home-made, never bought.  After driving 3 hours to PA, I walked in the door to see Jackie, the Pirate.  I couldn't stop laughing.  I had to share this picture:  I don't know how to be serious, she pulls it off.
Sunday, we went over to her parent's farm and I got to see my beautiful niece.
Then we took a walk around to check on all the animals. Goats have such strange eyes!
As usual on the farm, there's always something being done. This sunday it was building a greenhouse.  Lookin good guys!!
Horses are such beautiful creatures
I am in love with sunflare. It was the perfect time of day to be shooting too. A girl's love for her horse will last a lifetime.