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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Extreme Pumpkin Carving

Extreme? Nah, not really :) But fun, relaxing, and nostalgic? YES! Friday night was good times, carving out my pumpkin and taking pictures of my friend's carve theirs. Here's a brief look into our evening.

My friends with knives? Not the best idea.
Thankfully everyone kept their fingers!

As a child I used to be grossed out by the insides of pumpkins. I have to say - I am fully OVER that phobia! I actually had fun with the pumpkin seeds :) Here's everyone's pumpkins! Lora's, to the far left, had hair cutout in the back  (she has that creative touch!). 
It cast a cool shadow onto the wall behind it.

I just love how everyone's pumpkins came out totally awesome and different. YAY creativity!!!

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