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Friday, September 25, 2009

Advice from the Pros... For Free?!

I cannot begin to explain how excited I was when I received this email! I wanted to share this awesomeness with everyone interested in photography:

Dane Sanders, author of Fast Track Photographer, is involved in a group of photographers that will be offering a FREE workshop. I am a HUGE fan of Dane Sanders. I have read Fast Track Photographer and been inspired by his words. There are 16 different photographers that will be offering their advice at no cost to you!

The telesummit is for beginners and pros alike! Register NOW -- it's FREE! Just click here for the website. If you're unable to listen in on the telesummit, you can purchase an Mp3 audio. That way you can listen on your own time, take notes, and absorb all the helpful information from the Pros! I am SO excited for this... and it's taking place next week! SCORE!

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