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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I am One Lucky Lady!

This past weekend my friends and I went on a trip to Ocean City to celebrate a few special birthdays. My boyfriend and our good friend Rob both turned twenty-something this past week. They both grew up across the street from one another and have birhtdays 1 day apart. It makes for some great celebrations once a year!!

Reggie and I were invited by Rob and his wife, Lora, to stay in Ocean City, MD for free... how can you turn down a free trip to the beach?? Lora's boss is totally awesome for letting us stay in his condo! SCORE!! Since it was free I was expecting a run-down, just any old place to lay my head at night, condo. Instead we got there and it was a freshly refurbished 2 bedroom 2 bathroom condo with great dark woods, tiling, and granite. In my excitement I whipped out my camera and started shooting pictures of the place. "If your boss ever wants to give you this place again -- I'm there!" Snap--snap taking pictures. I decided to take the camera out onto the balcony to get some photos from the 14 stories up.... baaaad idea.

I just don't know how I did it! I was taking this picture when I decided to zoom out.

Somehow or another I released the lens from the camera. My heart stopped as I watched it fall 14 stories. It was a long fall and I held my breath the entire way down. It was the longest maybe 7 seconds of my life! It felt like a full minute. Fortunately the lens hit the flooring of the balcony I was standing on before falling the 14 stories so it had some bounce. It didn't land on the deck directly below us, but flew away from the building to the brush just beyond the deck.

Rob took the elevator down with me as I had my mini-panic-attack. He tried to calm me, but I had a million thoughts running through my head. Is the lens okay? It can't be okay --- it has to be in a million little pieces! I don't think Canon has accident coverage... oh no... that was one of my best lenses!

We got outside and I realized the area where the lens had landed was completely blocked off by 3 large fences. In true girly fashion I was in a new dress and freaking out trying to figure out the best way to get to my baby. Rob to the rescue! He hopped one, two, three fences in great form. The last fence was actually over the edge of the deck -- a fall he miscalculated that ended up being further down than he thought... I understand he had a hard landing :( Meanwhile Reggie and Lora are 14 stories above trying to direct Rob where he needs to be. Then I hear "GOT IT!" The fact that he found it made me jump for joy! He brought back my 24-105 baby and placed it in my hands (Rob, you're an awesome friend).

Impossible. One piece?! Surely it doesn't work. We rode the elevator back up the 14 flight, I was doing a dance the whole ride up in celebration that it was still in once piece! I ran inside and placed the lens back on the camera. Click, click. It works!!!!

I am one lucky lady.

I took the event as being a sign and put the camera back in it's bag and tucked it under the bed. It stayed there for the remainder of the trip. But, don't worry, I still had my trusty, durable point and shoot. Cool thing about this little point and shoot -- it's waterproof :)

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