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Monday, July 20, 2009

Chinatown ~ Washington, DC

Chinatown in DC is a great place to walk around, dine on delicious international food and browse interesting shops. This weekend Reggie and I headed to Chinatown because I wanted to purchase a Sake set. For those of you that don't know Sake is a Japanese beverage made from rice. It can be enjoyed hot or cold - it has a completely different flavor at different temperatures - I prefer to drink it hot.

We were both in the mood for Indian food and ate at Mehak. The food was delicious! I had Butter Chicken and Reggie had Lamb Vindaloo. I couldn't decide which dish I liked better! :) We left pleasantly plump and waddled right next door to our favorite shop in Chinatown: Da Hsin Trading Company.

They have all sorts of odds and ends at this place! Tea sets, chopsticks, place settings, Obama t-shirts :), Asian food, herbs in all varieties to cure all that ails you, home furnishings, and of course, sake sets. Reggie and I settled on this one.

We have no idea what the markings mean but think they're just beautiful. Now all we need to do is have a Sushi and Sake night! Delicious!


  1. I hope it doesn't say anything like "curse the owner of this set and all of their family...muahahaha." Although it would be pretty sweet if it had the muahahaha part in there. : )

  2. Not likely... but you do have a creative imagination! :)