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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Eight Years in the Making!

I can't believe I'm actually writing this!  I just can't believe it!  

Back in 2009 I wrote these words.  I was a very-young-twenty-something who had no idea how to run a business and simply knew that I loved taking photos of people.  Ever since then I have worked two jobs: one 9to5er in Washington, DC and the other running HRP.

Over the years I have grown so much as person, business owner and photographer and I am beyond ecstatic to announce that as of today I'll be running Heather Ryan Photography, LLC full time!

Leaving my full-time job in DC is bitter-sweet.  I worked there for over 9 years and I'll miss a lot of my co-workers, some of who are now my closest friends.  Thankfully they'll give me a good excuse to come into the city for lunch to catch up :)  I'll also miss the security of a steady paycheck and comfort that comes with having a familiar routine for 9 years.  I will not, however, miss commuting 2.5 hours every day to DC (buh-bye MARC and Metro!!!!!).

I am most excited about finding a better work-life balance and am looking forward to dedicating more time toward my fantastic clients.  While business really took off last year (and that's an incredible thing that I do not take for granted!) with two jobs, it became the most difficult year yet for me to find balance and I knew that 2017 was the year to make the leap.

This sincerely wouldn't be possible without the fantastic support system I have around me.  My people are the best!  My parents, friends, and boyfriend have all in their own ways made this possible for me and I am forever grateful.  When I can't attend weekend family events, backyard summer parties, or am simply not home with my guy for quality time -- they understand.  Sometimes they even schedule gatherings around my weekend photo shoots.  My clients too - gosh have I been lucky!  I have worked with some of the most awesome people and made some amazing friends along the way.

I was honestly very reluctant to write this post in the first place...  Some of my clients didn't know about my full-time job and while I wasn't trying to lie, I simply didn't want my clients to think of me as less of a professional for photography being my "side job."  But then I thought of the words from others that I've read and have inspired me.  Other entrepreneurs that have taken the leap and spread their wings -- their words have been some of the best encouragement for me!  It's a very scary thing to do, and the self-doubt can be can be a persistent little monster, but knowing that you aren't alone in the experience?  That can help immensely.

Could I fall flat on my face?  Absolutely.  Am I freaked out and nervous?  You betcha.  But as my grandfather said "nothing truly worth doing is ever easy" and his words are my mantra.  Nothing pays off more than good old fashioned hard work and perseverance.

Here's to the adventure continuing!

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