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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Lora Craig

I was the awkward new kid in high school and her family lived right down the street from mine. We spent a lot of high school hanging out and having fun. Lora and I were great friends from the start.

One fateful day in our high school cafeteria Lora and I were told we needed two extra people in our car pool. Disappointed that our plan to ditch-the-bus might not work out we searched the cafeteria for others to round out our car-pool. Lora spotted her friend Reggie from across the room. He was sitting with his friend Rob and they were also looking for two bodies to fill their car pool. The 4 of us didn't live far from one another and we decided to team up, no more riding the bus for us! At the time Lora didn't know Rob and I didn't know Reggie all that well...

During the course of our Senior Year we sincerely began to dislike our car-pool partners... because, you know, boys are immature, loud and "gross." :-)

Of course, that was then.

Fast forward 6+ years... Lora and Rob are now married, celebrating their one year Anniversary in a few months. Reggie and I have been dating since just after High School. Fate? Some might call it that. When the four of us get together at Rob and Lora's home in Crofton, MD we frequently get a good laugh out of our history.

This past weekend I went to visit Rob and Lora and we took a long walk through their neighborhood. It was a great evening with friends, much needed from a hectic week. The lighting was perfect - and Lora was stunning. Rockin' the new hair girl!

Enough history -- here's Lora!

Back-lighting, love it :)

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