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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Heather & Donny {Newlyweds}

I left my house with the sun shining, and as I drove north towards the Pretty Boy Dam the fog got thicker and thicker, then it began to rain, and I got a little worried.  
Thankfully the rain stopped just in time for photos, and we grabbed some at the top of the dam 
then hiked to the river below.  

Donny used to come here in his childhood - I hear there's some pretty great fishing to be had.
I love it when my clients introduce me to a new spot to take photos,
especially when that location has extra meaning to them.

They're in the above shot -- see if you can find them!
There was quite a bit of hiking involved to get to the location for all of the below photos --
I love working with fellow adventurers!


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