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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Jillian {Work Bridal Shower}

I love a good surprise party. 
I love the details, pretty things, yummy food, laughter, and celebration.
When my co-worker asked me to help coordinate
 my other co-worker's Surprise Bridal Shower, I was game.

Really, I'm a bit late posting this.  See... she's already married. 
Just tied the knot two weeks ago!

We were all concerned that she would know about the surprise
(there was a bridal shower for another co-worker the week prior!)
but we were sneaky, sneaky and got her!
She was convinced on the way to the conference room that there was an emergency
and that one of her attorney required a large stack of documents right away.
She was quite frantic when she arrived,
but but ultimately I think she was pleased with the results :)
Congratulations Jillian! 
Hope you had a great honeymoon, now, welcome back to the office :-P

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