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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Shelly & Ron {Engaged}

Shelly and I are good friends from a long, long way back.
Like, 5 years old hangin' out at recess in kindergarden. Way back.
We lost touch when I moved away from Bowie but we found each other again 
through good ole' Facebook!  I really couldn't be more thankful to call her my friend.

Shelly has grown into such an incredible woman.
Not only is she beautiful, giving, caring, and intelligent, added bonus, 
she has the patience to be an elementary school teacher - which lemme tell you - I REALLY respect!
If ever a girl deserved to find her prince charming it is Shelly.

When I heard all about Ron I couldn't wait to meet him. 
They're great together and have amazing chemistry.  He makes her laugh like no other :)
He's the yin to her yang, there is no doubt they will have happy and loving years ahead.
Did I mention they were SO much fun to photograph?!
We had a great time at the London Town and Gardens in Edgewater, MD.
Always a phenomenal engagement shoot location!

Shelly and Ron ~ I absolutely cannot wait to photograph your wedding this summer.
The sheer thought of getting the two of you in front of my camera again puts a huge smile on my face!
You two have found something very special, thank you for having me as a part of your celebration.

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