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Monday, March 28, 2011

Canon s95 {Impressive Results}

I have owned the Canon s95 for a few months now but it doesn't get out much...
I usually end up taking along one of my film cameras or one of my Canon dSLRs.
This past weekend, on one of our spontaneous un-planned outings, we ended up going for a walk at
Brookside Gardens and stopping for dinner in Georgetown. 
I happened to have my s95 on me and I am pleased with the results.
This little camera packs a lot of punch!
The f/2.0 lens, macro capabilities, RAW format, and wide angle lens really make it a sweet addition.
Of course, it's no Canon 5d Mark II with f/2.8 Macro lens... but it fits in my pocket and does the trick :)
This last shot is my fave from the day...
the sun setting in Georgetown as couples stroll along the canal.  So pretty and romantic!
Tomorrow after work I'll be walking the DC Tidal Basin for Cherry Blossom photos.
I am loving the bloom of spring!  Now... can we just get some warm weather please?

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