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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ty {1 Year}

Where. Does. The. Time. Go?!
Alexis and Devon were my very first maternity clients... and now Ty is a year old!!
I am so incredibly thankful for being able to watch this little guy grow and grow and grow.

We hung out at their house for a couple hours and I got to play with him a bit,
making for truly wonderful lifestyle portraits.
Beginning Ty cuteness overload.... NOW!
On the move!
Hey, that thing you have looks cool.  Can I see it?
His toy car brings out the most adorable smiles!
Let's see... what do we have here...
Ty, I know the feeling.  I have the zone out moments too!
This kills me! :)
Story time... 
Ty does a fantastic job walking with this toy
I love seeing him looking at his 7 month old pictures.
He is always looking for an adventure!
How can you resist this smile?
It got to be nap time so we broke out the photo album to check out family pictures.
That turned things right around
Much better!
Alexis, Devon, and Ty -- I had so much fun hanging out :)
Thank you again for having me over! 

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