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Saturday, December 4, 2010

{Thanksgiving 2010}

I am so terribly behind! 
Busy... busy... so goes this season...!
One thing I can say for sure is that I am so incredibly thankful for everything in my life.
Thanksgiving was truly special, we had a large group of 25 to my parent's house.
Lots of people and lots of love.  Memories to last a lifetime. 
I wanted to share a few images from the day :)
All the November Birthday Boys
My cousins, aunt, and uncle from California
My Grandma and her youngest daughter :)
My cousins and I rarely get to see eachother.  We love to be silly!
My Grandma and most of her grandbabies.  Love this.
The birthday boys blowing out their candles.
I hope everyone had a wonderful, warm, and loving Thanksgiving.
Just a heads up for my clients - I'm booking weddings in 2011 at my 2010 rates until the new year hits.
Soooo if you're thinking about meeting with me, now would be the time!
Cheers, H

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