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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fred's Success Story

Meet Fred.
Fred is a Venus Fly Trap.
My Mom names just about everything Fred.
This includes, but is not limited to: flies, spiders, plants, etc...
She brought Fred home about 3 weeks ago and he has been very happy in his new home.
Well... happy, but not well fed.
See, Fred likes to eat flies. 
Due to my 25th Birthday Party (where doors were constantly being left open, Reggie)
Fred had plenty to eat.
And Fred got lucky.
Sorry for the gruesome photo.

When my Mom found that Fred had made a catch her instant reaction was:
"Oh my gosh!  I have to rescue the fly!"

"...Umm... Mom? What did you think would happen when you bought a fly trap?
I have been waiting for this plant to capture a fly for the past few weeks,
you're not allowed to rescue that fly! Let Fred enjoy his lunch."

That's my mom though.  Lover of all plants, animals ...and insects, alike.

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