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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Curious Madison

"I have to warn you, she likes to people watch." Madison's mother warned me. 
Really?!  I'm the same way, so I won't hold it against her!   
The park was busy for the early morning.  So we provided Madison with some distractions.
She loved being tossed in the air :)
Hi there cutie! 
She loved spending time in this crouching position. 
Two little front teeth, big brown eyes and a big smile!  How can you not love this?
Can you believe this little one is only 9 months old?  Ahead of the game girl!
Waving hello to friendly morning walkers :)
I'd love to know what she was looking at here. 
Had to crouch down and check it out.  I just love the child's mind, everything is so fascinating!
Such a sweet and curious little one she is!  Madison and mommy - so great meeting you!

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