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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Our Crazy Kitties

Last month, while being snowed in for a couple days, I admit, I became a little stir crazy. I like to be out, doing things, seeing people and doing my best to stay active! But, there we were locked up in the house with little to do.

One night we were playing with our two cats - Maggie and Dottie - with their favorite toy. A long peice of string braided at one end for weight. I had never really understood our cat's fascination with string until being held up in the house for a few days. Yes, this actually kept us happy and occupied for a solid hour :)

This is Dottie - on the hunt from under the kitchen table.
Hmm... the string isn't that much fun when it isn't being thrown around.
Our other kitty Maggie is quite heavy... and not really into hunting-for-string sport. Don't get me wrong, she'll take a few lunges, but mostly she'll just stare it down.

I love our kitties :)

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