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Monday, February 22, 2010

My Poor MacBook

My poor baby...  I miss it so much! 

Late last week I had to take my MacBook into the Apple store... *sigh*    Any time it was moved the screen would look like it was having a digital virus attack... then completely freeze.  This scared me so much and I lost a good amount of work the first time it happened :(  I had been working with it on a stable surface for some time but decided it was about time to get it fixed.  I need to be mobile!!

Long story short... my baby has been sent off for a check-up and probably replacement parts.  Thank goodness for Apple Extended Warranty!  :)

Oh a happier note, I met yesterday with the beautiful Alexis and Devon... and their new addition Ty  :)  What a handsome little man he is! 

Hope to be up-and-running SOON!


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