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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Nothing Like Family

Growing up, I'll admit it, the Holidays were all about the presents!  My brother and I would prepare our wish lists with over-the-top enthusiasm every year.  Then on Christmas Day we would wake up before dawn to get out little fingers on the wrapped goodies under the tree.  How times have changed!  Now, my parents are the first ones awake... they wait patiently for my brother and I to come downstairs.  We chat a little before opening gifts and even take a present opening break (this was unheard of when I was a child) to eat breakfast.

No longer are the Holidays all about the presents.  This year I couldn't wait to see all of my family, under one roof, two days in a row.  My parents are amazing hosts!  Especially my mom - I have to give her most of the credit - sorry Dad!  She spent all day Christmas Eve in the kitchen cooking and preparing.  We held Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at my house and had all the family, both sides, over to celebrate.

My Aunt Marnie said to my father at one point "your home always so warm and inviting."  My dad thanked her and they continued their conversation, but I took a look around and everyone was smiling, talking and enjoying great food with family.  She was right, it was truly warm and inviting, but it wasn't our home, it was the feeling that comes from having everyone together.  I am so thankful for my amazing, loving and supportive family!  I wanted to share a few impromptu family portraits:

My father's side of the family on Christmas Eve
My mom's side on Christmas Day
A few portraits on Christmas
My brother and I.  Apparently taking a photo with me is deserving of a thumbs up, lol
Reggie came by just after dinner to spend some time with my family - we're that cool ;)
Lastly, a self portrait. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday!!  The weekend following Christmas was a total blast... I shot my first maternity session with a great couple.  Those pictures are coming later today!

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  1. I'm in love with that green dress. OMG! Great pictures!