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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Historic London Town and Gardens

A few months ago I met up with an awesome couple at Historic London Town and Gardens in Edgewater, MD for an engagement shoot.  It's a beautiful location for weddings, photo shoots, a walk in their beautiful gardens or just a good history lesson.  London Town was established in 1683, so there's a lot of history here!

I stayed after our shoot to explore the grounds a little.  There are several buildings that will really take you back in time.  Between the e-session and exploring on my own - I'll tell you - my memory card was completely full by the time I left that day!

This is the cool house that I was able to walk into and explore on my own :)
Well maintained grounds!  They even had (relatively) fresh produce laid out.
An aged look.
The dried flowers were just beautiful
This is The William Brown House which was an upscale inn for people traveling across the South River via ferry in the 1700s.  *ahem* notice the speed boat on the river -
definately brings us back to reality!
It was the first time I saw this sailboat located here.  It provided a beautiful backdrop for engagement photos.... as well as a great focal point for this photo.

Obviously, I love this place.  I have been able to develop some great memories here.  Did I mention this is where my good friends got married??  Just lovely :)

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