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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

TRAs are Totally Rad

So I recently took the plunge and bought the long-time-drooled-after Totally Rad Actions (TRAs). If you own Photoshop and you're serious about photography - I highly recommend these actions!! They'll cut your post processing time down and help you to create absolutely stunning images.

I wanted to purchase TRAs before I even owned Photoshop (this makes no sense, I know)! About 2 years ago I started spending a lot of time on Canon POTN. Following other photographers, learning from them, and being stunned into silence by their work! (BTW this site is awesome - photographers helping other photographers - check it out!!) One particular wedding photographer that stood out from the rest is Bobby Earle. This guy is a fantastic and his style is unlike anything I had seen at that point. I began to follow him on his blog and on Canon POTN. He continually sang the praises of TRAs. I was hooked. I wanted to try them for myself. But, I couldn't justify the purchase at the time.

Sooo fast forward a couple years... I know I'm 100% devoted to my growing business and TRAs will be a good investment. I have heard so many raves and played around on the website for too many hours... I decide to make the purchase. I love them.

I've been working with TRAs for about one month now and I can officially say I'm completely absorbed in Photoshop (more so than usual! ...if that's possible). Instead of taking 6 or 7 steps to get the desired effect I want. I click 1 button and make small adjustments. What a time saver!! Plus, they're so much fun to toy around with!

So, add me to the list of TRA lovers. I submit to all the Totally Rad-ness!

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  1. Thanks for your TRA love!

    -- Kristen, Muggle Liason to The Boutwell